MOXI laser–MOXI laser is a non-ablative laser that polishes your skin, removes brown spots and fine lines. It is a 1927 nm  “non ablative” laser, meaning it keeps skin intact which means minimal downtime. If you have beautiful skin and want to delay signs of aging, MOXI is for you. If you want to correct signs of aging but want minimal downtime, MOXI is for you. If you have melasma or pigmentation problems with your skin, MOXI is safe and effective for you.

We love that it is safe in ALL skin types which is not always the case with other lasers. MOXI laser can be done year-round. It is one of the newest and most popular lasers in the aesthetic market. It only takes about 15 minutes to treat the face, neck, and chest. We also recommend treating your hands! It is a great “light” laser treatment for your skin or before a special event.


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