diVA vaginal resurfacing laser–diVA addresses thinning and aging of the vaginal tissue over time by using the same hybrid fractional technology as HALO laser, but it is safely applied inside the vaginal canal. You have two lasers working at the same time; one on the surface of the vaginal tissue and one treating the deeper tissue to stimulate collagen and improve blood supply. Vaginal tissue thins over time and becomes atrophic, especially with the loss of estrogen, leading to dryness and discomfort.

In addition, younger patients can experience stress urinary incontinence after pregnancy and diVA can be very beneficial in this situation by strengthening the urethral support from the vaginal canal.

We recommend three treatments about a month apart, which will improve thickness of the vaginal tissue, improve blood supply and collagen. This creates much healthier tissue that can help minimize discomfort and dryness. diVA also can help correct stress urinary incontinence symptoms by strengthening the tissue bridge between the vaginal canal and bladder stronger and better supported. It is safe and FDA cleared laser technology for vaginal resurfacing. There is minimal downtime, and each treatment takes about 15 minutes. If you have pain with sex, or urine leaking with stress, ask us about diVA vaginal resurfacing!


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