HALO laser–HALO laser is a hybrid fractional laser…this means you are receiving two separate laser treatments at the same time, one on the surface of the skin and one on the deeper layer of skin. It is an ablative laser, meaning it will remove some superficial layers of skin and also stimulate the deeper collagen layer of skin, while removing brown pigmentation and wrinkles from your skin. It works with a 1470 nm and 2940 nm laser wavelength, designed to target superficial wrinkles, pigment and is very effective for remodeling scars as well. It is our treatment of choice for reversing sun damage, making skin brighter and younger looking AND healthier. It is also very effective for remodeling scar tissue and for acne scarring.

Skin will look brighter, tighter and have the “HALO glow”. Depending on the depth of your treatment, you will need 3-5 days to recover. We can customize the HALO treatment to your desired downtime. If you have sun damage, signs of aging, pigmentation and want tighter skin, HALO is for you. It will correct sun damage and actually make your skin healthier!


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