Are your breasts loose, sagging or difficult to support with bras and clothing?  You can keep all of your breast tissue, but remove the excess skin and lift the breast.  A breast lift (mastopexy), is a procedure to lift and tighten the skin of sagging breasts.  This can result from genetics, pregnancy, weight loss or as part of the aging process.  This procedure is designed to elevate the breasts and give them a more youthful appearance.  A breast lift may also be completed in conjunction with breast implant surgery (augmentation).

Reasons for Considering a Breast Lift:

  • Elevate the breasts due to sagging caused by the effects of gravity, hormonal changes, weight loss and pregnancy
  • Reposition your areola higher and make it smaller if needed

General Procedure

The breast lift surgical procedure usually takes 4 hours.  There are several ways to approach this, depending on how much skin needs to be removed.  The most common techniques will have a scar around the areola and a vertical scar below it or a "lollipop" scar.  Most commonly there is an anchor shaped scar with removal of additional skin from the bottom of the breast.  The breast and areola are repositioned higher on the chest wall, and skin is tightened around it.  Shape is improved and breasts look and feel more youthful.  The areola stays attached to the breast the entire time so patients maintain sensation.  If the areola is too wide, it can be made smaller at the time of the surgery.

Recovery Process

You should allow a couple of weeks to take it easy after a breast lift to allow proper healing.  Though there is little discomfort, it is important to prevent excess swelling or bruising in the early healing period.  Hydration, rest and wearing the post operative supportive bra are important.  Sometimes you will have a drain to prevent fluid accumulation.  This will be removed the first week.  You can return to daily activities after about a week, but no exercise or travel for about a month.  Scars tend to heal very well, and we always encourage scar tape, silicone gel, scar massage and bio-oil as measures to help scars heal well.  A breast lift relieves shoulder strain but does not reduce your breast size as only skin is removed.  Patients always wish they had done the surgery sooner! 

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