What are "injectable fillers?"  They are a simple way of adding volume to the face so that it looks more youthful!  We also use fillers for the hands and lips.  As the face ages, or with weight loss, there is less volume in the cheeks and lower face.  We tend to see flattening of the cheeks, and lines around the mouth.  Adding volume in the form of a soft natural material (hyaluronic acid, calcium hydroxyapatite, or poly-L-lactic acid) in strategic areas can restore a youthful appearance.  The key is not to overdo it or create an unnatural look.   Most fillers come in sterile syringes in about 1.0 cc each. Cost is a factor of how much filler is placed.  Gradual correction is wise and careful technique and knowledge of facial anatomy is critical.  Below is a summary of popular procedures we offer.

All injections are done by Dr. Buenaventura and Anne Littman, PA-C in a safe medical setting with FDA approved medications and expert technique.


FACE​--​​Cheek, nasolabial fold, marionette lines are areas that we commonly treat.  The cheek will look lifted and fuller and the lines around the mouth will look softer.  Usually 2-3 syringes are used in this area.  Restylane, Juvederm, Radiesse or Sculptra are popular choices.

JAWLINE--Redefining the jawline and filling in the pre jowl area can create a much more youthful profile.  Restylane, Juvederm, Radiesse and Sculptra are popular choices for this area.  

LIPS--Soft, full, natural looking lips are beautiful.  Since our lips can become thinner and lose volume over time, we add filler to outline the lip, create height and turnout and add general volume.  Usually one syringe is enough.   Restylane Kysse or Juvederm Volbella are two of our preferred fillers for this area.

HANDS--Filler to the back of the hands to add volume is now an FDA approved procedure for Restylane-Lyft. We carefully add 1-2 syringes of filler to the backs of the hands and gently massage it in.  Hands look younger and softer and tendons and veins are less visible.  Pairing this volume addition with HALO laser to rejuvenate the skin is an amazing combination.


Below is a brief summary of our most commonly used fillers.....

Restylane products (Galderma)-this a family of hyaluronic acid based fillers that are very versatile and have different types to meet every need in the face or body (Restylane-L, Lyft, Defyne, Refyne, Silk, Contour, Kysse and eyelight).  They vary in viscosity and degree of cross linking of collagen so that some products are more suitable for deeper volume while others are best in the superficial areas.

Juvederm products (Alle)--this is also a family of hyaluronic acid based fillers by Allergan that are used in the face and body (Juvederm ultra, Juvederm ultra plus, Juvederm volbella, and Juvederm voluma).  They vary the degree of collagen cross linking and viscosity and some are used for deeper volumization whereas others are for more superficial lines.

 Radiesse (Merz)--Radiesse is a calcium hydroxyapatite filler that is popular for cheeks, lines around the mouth, jawline and hands.  It is long lasting and volumizing.  We often use it in conjunction with the hyaluronic acid products. 

Sculptra (Galderma)--is not a traditional filler, but a collagen stimulator.  It is poly-L-lactic acid and water based.  It is injected in a series of monthly injections which add temporary volume, and stimulate your own collagen to grow.  It is a more gradual process, and takes several months to see the results, but lasts for several years. It is used in the cheeks, jawline, lines around the mouth (not lips) and in scars.  After receiving Sculptra, you must massage the area five times a day for the first five days to distribute the product evenly.  Sessions are generally 4-8 weeks apart.

 You will have a consultation prior to any procedure.  Most patients are treated twice a year to maintain results but this is flexible. Combining fillers, some neurotoxin, Broad Band Light Therapy, HALO or MOXI laser can turn back the clock and help you love what you see in the mirror, on Zoom or in photos! Come in and chat with Dr. Buenaventura or Anne Littman, PA-C and discover the magic of fillers and combined therapies.


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