CONTOUR TRL or tunable resurfacing laser is an ablative erbium 2940nm laser that is designed to do deep resurfacing.  It can be adjusted to your personal needs and is our deepest laser for removing deep wrinkles around the mouth and on the face.  It can also be used more gently around the eyelids to remove fine lines and wrinkles.  While the healing time is longer than MOXI or HALO, it is also transformative for deep wrinkles.  We use a combination of topical cream, local anesthesia and sometimes sedation for the procedure. 

You will need about 2 weeks of downtime and daily care for your skin as well as sun avoidance.  Skin may remain a pink for several weeks but can be covered with make up.  Erbium laser is state of the art technology for deep wrinkle resurfacing and better since the the older Co2 lasers as there is less heat produced in your skin and therefore less pain and better healing.  TRL laser can transform your skin though with a longer healing time, the results are worth it!


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