Discover a Fresh New Face with Laser Therapy

When it comes to aging or sun-damaged skin, lotions and ointments will only get you so far. With laser therapy, you can enjoy results that go beyond surface treatment without requiring invasive tactics or extended downtime. Dr. Susan K. Buenaventura and her team offer laser therapy with cutting-edge SCITON lasers to residents in Alexandria and surrounding communities.

If you’re looking for clearer, firmer skin, contact our office and schedule a consultation for laser therapy today.

Top-quality Laser Treatment

Our team is proud to provide the highest quality in all the services we offer, and our laser therapy is no exception. We rely exclusively on SCITON lasers, the top-of-the-line in cosmetic laser treatments. Our laser treatments include:

HALO™ Hybrid Fractional Laser: This laser uses two separate wavelengths for maximum effectiveness while reducing downtime. Useful for wrinkles, discoloration, sagging skin, and scars, this laser stimulates the skin to new growth with consistent and noticeable results.

Forever Young BBL™: This light therapy targets skin damage caused by aging and sun exposure. Freckles, redness, and age spots are easily dealt with, and the BBL treatment can be applied to any part of the body.

Contour TRL™ Treatment: A powerful skin resurfacing solution, this laser is one of our most versatile. Capable of switching easily from the superficial MicroLaserPeel® to deep tissue treatment, it allows us to customize procedures to address deeper wrinkles and full skin resurfacing.  It is particularly helpful for softening the deep lines around the mouth.

Why Choose SCITON Laser Therapy?

Years of activity, sun, and lifestyle effects gradually take their toll on your skin. Surface treatments fail to reach the deeper layers of skin, where the more stubborn wrinkles and blemishes are found.

Laser therapy goes beyond the outer layer to the deep skin tissue, stimulating regeneration at the lower levels. This new skin cell growth fills in wrinkles, creates firmness, and clears up age spots and blemishes. It also removes redness caused by blood vessels visible through thinned skin. It requires no incisions and leaves no scarring.

SCITON lasers also go above and beyond the rest thanks to the effectiveness of their targeted treatment. Their precision allows for fewer treatments and pinpointing of desired areas, which means less downtime and recovery. Patients can often resume normal activities within a few days, including wearing makeup.

Personalized Treatment Ideal for All Ages and Skin Types

Everyone deserves to feel comfortable and confident in their skin, regardless of age or skin type.  We work with you to help you feel healthy and beautiful without sacrificing your time or lifestyle to do it.

Feel good about your skin again – schedule your consultation today!


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