Let us give you beautiful skin with SCITON Laser Therapy

Sun and aging take a toll on the skin due to fine lines, wrinkles, brown and red spots, and scars.   We want to correct these issues, and then maintain beautiful skin for you.  With HALO and MOXI laser therapy by SCITON, you can turn back the clock.  We can minimize red and brown spots, brighten skin, remove fine lines and wrinkles, and make your skin glow.  Dr. Buenaventura and Anne Littman (PA-C) offer HALO and MOXI laser therapy with cutting-edge SCITON lasers to residents in Alexandria and surrounding communities.

If you’re looking for brighter, clearer, tighter, contact our office and schedule a consultation for SCITON laser therapy with us!

SCITON Laser Treatments for every skin type!

We rely exclusively on SCITON lasers, the top-of-the-line in cosmetic laser treatments and have treatments for all skin types.  Our laser treatments include:

 MOXI LASER--MOXI (1927 nm) is a non-ablative laser and safe for all skin types.  It gives skin a polished look and helps with age spots, fine wrinkles and is also a great way to treat younger skin to keep it from aging "Prejuvenation".   Non-ablative means it does not remove skin layers but smooths and tightens skin while evening out skin tone.  Best of all, a minimal downtime treatment and quick recovery.

HALO™ Hybrid Fractional Laser: This laser uses two separate wavelengths (1470 and 2940 nm) to treat the surface and deeper layers of skin while reducing downtime.  It is an ablative laser meaning it will remove superficial layers of skin while correcting sun damage and making skin healthier.  It is useful for wrinkles, brown spots, red spots, loose skin and scars.  You will have the "HALO Glow" and have brighter, tighter skin that reflects the light.

BBL HERO and Forever Young BBL™: This is not laser but light therapy which targets brown and red pigments that have developed from sun exposure and aging. Broad band light (BBL) can be used on any skin of the body and is a great stand alone treatment as well as in combination with our laser treatments!  Broad Band Light

Contour TRL™ Treatment: A powerful skin resurfacing solution, this laser is one of our deepest wrinkle removeers. Capable of switching easily from the superficial MicroLaserPeel® to deep tissue treatment, it allows us to customize procedures to address deeper wrinkles and full skin resurfacing.  It is particularly helpful for softening the deep lines around the mouth.

Why Choose SCITON Laser Therapy? 

Because we can provide personalized laser treatment for all skin types and all ages

Sciton Laser therapy is the top of the line cosmetic laser technology company from Palo Alto, CA.  We can treat skin of all ages, and all skin types with our state of the art technology.  We can help give you beautiful skin.  Come in for a consultation with Anne Littman, PA-C or Dr. Buenaventura.

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