Slim Down the Comfortable Way

If you’re tired of unwanted belly fat or love handles but you aren’t ready for a surgical option, CoolSculpting® may be your answer.

Gentle and non-invasive, this treatment is rapidly becoming the go-to option for eliminating stubborn fat deposits. At the office of Dr. Susan K. Buenaventura and Anne LIttman PA-C, we provide effective treatment with CoolSculpting for our patients in Alexandria and surrounding communities.

Don’t fret over bulges any longer when you can do something about it! Contact us and schedule a consultation today.

Skillful CoolSculpting® Treatment in Practiced Hands

Our goal is to help you discover your healthiest and most confident self. When you come to us for treatment, we perform a thorough evaluation to determine the healthiest and most effective treatment for you personally.

Our Physician Assistant Anne Littman, PA-C, is a recognized expert in CoolSculpting and performs all consultations and CoolSculpting procedures with the assistance of Cecile Reyes, plastic surgery assistant.  She assesses whether the process is a good fit for you, what areas to target, and whether a single or multiple treatments will provide the desired effect.

Our office has a private suite for all CoolSculpting treatment. You’ll be able to relax on a comfortable bed and enjoy a movie while we help you slim down with this gentle procedure. There’s no recovery time after treatment, so you’re free to enjoy the rest of your day without negative effects. Results become apparent within a few weeks as your body processes targeted fat.

When You Should Consider CoolSculpting

This procedure is FDA approved to eliminate fat deposits without harming the surrounding tissue. The fat cells are frozen and crystallized, which the body then removes over a short period. CoolSculpting is highly versatile and can target precise areas all over the body, including the abdomen, hips, thighs, back (especially the bra area), arms, and chin. No invasive measures are needed, and the process doesn’t leave a scar of any kind.

CoolSculpting will not remove large amounts of fat and is not intended as a substitute for weight loss. However, it is ideal for dealing with small to mid-sized fat deposits in areas that are difficult to tone with exercise and diet.

Our P.A. Anne Littman will determine during an assessment if CoolSculpting will deliver the best results for you.

Trust Your Figure to the Experts

Our practice has offered CoolSculpting since it became available in 2013 and are recognized experts in the process. We’ve helped countless Alexandria, Arlington, and Washington, DC and Maryland patients enjoy a slimmer figure, and we’re excited to help you do the same.

Contact our office and schedule your consultation today!


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Your coolsculpting specialist, Anne Littman PA-C

Treatment locations: love handles, right and left lower abdomen 
(6 month time difference, same dress, no weight change!) 
Call us for a consultation to determine if this is a good option for you, and receive your own personalized treatment plan!