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Ear Surgery

Surgery of the ear, also known as otoplasty, is a procedure that repositions the ear so it doesn't "stick out".  We see both children and adults for this surgery.  It is rare to perform the procedure prior to age 6.  Ears that “stick out” are often the source of teasing for children.  Otoplasty increases self esteem in children and adults.

Otoplasty is not limited to children and may also be performed on older patients.  Cosmetic procedures are available for those individuals with large ears to make them smaller and to reduce the size of the earlobe as well as for those with congenital (birth) irregularities that detract from their appearance.  Otoplasty is used successfully for each of these situations.  Regardless of the procedure, patients have been pleased with the long-lasting improvements to their appearance offered by ear surgery.

Reasons for Considering Ear Surgery:

  • Reposition the ears if the ears “stick out” too much
  • Reduce the size of large earlobes
  • Reduce the size of a large ear by removing some skin and cartilage from the upper portion of the ear.

General Procedure

Ear surgery is usually done with the patient asleep.   Otoplasty begins with an incision hidden in the crease behind the ear.  This incision allows the cartilage located behind the ears to be reshaped in order to position them closer to the head.  The procedure takes approximately two and a half hours, depending upon the extent of surgery.  Permanent sutures to hold the ear in this position are usually placed in the cartilage, underneath the skin.

Recovery Process

You will wake up with a soft padded head dressing designed to protect the ears. We usually change the dressing within a few days and the patient wears a wide headband that is soft and not too tight to protect the ears and keep them in position until they are fully healed.  No exercise for 6 weeks and you must be careful when taking shirts on and off.  Otoplasty truly improves patients' lives!