Dr. Buenaventura and Anne Littman PA-C  are proud to offer the top non-invasive treatment for body contouring and fat reduction.  We have completed thousands of treatments for patients in the Virginia, Washington DC, and Maryland areas to help them achieve their contouring goals with minimal downtime.  Freeze Fat Away - an in-office, comfortable, and professional procedure that uses safe, monitored cold cups, plates and panels to freeze the fat cells and gradually reduce the fullness in specific areas.

This technique is a way of removing fat cells by freezing them.  Once the cells are frozen, they become inactive and are gradually removed from your body naturally.  It is best used to treat isolated bulges that are difficult to address with diet and exercise.

Each site treatment area is between 35 minutes up to 2 hours and does not require anesthesia.  You can drive yourself in and out. Minimal downtime!
Watch Netflix while you chill, work from "home" or take a quick nap during the procedure in our newly renovated, spa-like treatment suite!








Look and FEEL Better in your own clothes!

Treatment locations: love handles, right and left lower abdomen 
(6 month time difference, same dress, no weight change!) 
Call us for a consultation to determine if this is a good option for you, and receive your own personalized treatment plan!